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This Diabetes Education Program is Recognized by International Diabetes Federation

Concept of Diabetes Education was very new to me. But luckily I got the opportunity to work with one of the pillars of endocrinology Dr.S.K.Wangnoo and Ms. Viveka Kaul who has immense knowledge and experience in the field of Diabetes Education. She is the one who has inspired and encouraged me do to this course of Project HOPE IDEEL. I am heartly thankful to Dr.S.K.Wangnoo because of him I got enrolled into IDEEL.

This is a must have course for anyone who is aspiring to be a good Diabetes Educator. I was very pleased with the course. This course requires diligence in studying. The curriculum is so direct and has covered everything which we need to apply in our daily practice. One of the biggest benefits of this course is it is online, so there was no travel needed nor was there any interruption in my job. This pushed me to read and learn the material on my own. The flexibility of being able to complete my work on my own schedule was a tremendous benefit.

Now I feel I am secure in my profession and enjoy knowing that I can apply for job anywhere in the world. Fortunately I am the first one who has completed this course. I would highly recommend IDEEL for those who would like to be a professional Diabetes Educator.

All in all it is an excellent programme and I am proud be a student of IDEEL.

Effective Diabetes Online Certification Course Detail

We are excited you have decided to further your knowledge of diabetes and hope you find this course to be interesting and beneficial to you personally and professionally. The course is designed into six different modules.

  1. Introduction
  2. Self Management Education
  3. Lifestyle Modifications
  4. Pharmacotherapy
  5. Glycemic Excursions and GDM
  6. Complications from Diabetes

Each module, with the exception of the Introduction, will be followed with a test. Students must receive a grade of 75% to continue to the next module (multiple attempts are allowed). After completing all six modules, students will take a Final Exam, which also requires a grade of 75%, however only two attempts are allowed. Following successful completion of the modules and tests students will complete a two week internship. At the completion of the internship students will be evaluated and it will be determined if they have successfully passed the IDEE India course.


"IDEP graduates have changed people with Diabetes attitudes toward their disease, monitoring of blood sugar, and their fear of insulin injection. They have increased people with Diabetes interests to know about the long-term complications of the disease. IDEP by Project HOPE has tremendously improved the quality of life of thousands of people with Diabetes."

- Dr. Subhash Wangnoo, Endocrinologist, Apollo Delhi

Course Duration:

Self-paced 4-month course

Can I use my iPad or mobile device to take the course?

Unfortunately no, the course has flash built in. iPads and mobile devices do not work with flash.

How do I register and pay for the course if I backed out of the shopping cart transaction and returned later?

On the Welcome page, in top navigation bar, click “Learn,” “View my transcript,” and click the “Register” link. It will take you to the shopping cart. Return to the same place to start the course!

How do I access the course once it's been purchased?

  1. Click the Learn Tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Click View your Training Record
  3. Click Open Curriculum link.

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I am a Nutritionist by profession for the last 7 years but believe me I have gained a lot after completing the IDEEL course. I learned a simple, standard and humanitarian way to deal with patients suffering from Diabetes.

I learned the holistic approach for managing Diabetes and its complications.

The content of the course was to-the-point yet covered all the topics beautifully, videos made the learning easy and more interesting.

Assessments after every module will reinforce and provide the confidence to move forward.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can affect the health and family life of people with diabetes. So, spreading the awareness about Diabetes, self management education, lifestyle modification, role of medication, types of Diabetes - complications and treatment is very important and IDEEL has it all.

Now, as a Diabetes Educator- I counsel people with Diabetes and their family members in a better way.

I advise all health professionals to enroll in IDEEL and treat people with diabetes better by using standard principles.


“...all Diabetes related topics were covered in depth. Participants were extremely happy with the course material provided by Project HOPE. They responded that it is very comprehensive & informative.”

- Diabetes Unit, KEM Hospital Research Center

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“IDEEL Diabetes E-learning Course is grounded in unparalleled rigorous scientific research.”


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